Today I have the blue creams to share with you. Let me know your faves in the comments: Barry M Blue Moon np Blue Moon is a milky soft blue, think a sheer Essie Borrowed and Blue, with just a hint of cyan shimmer, which is barely visable on the nails you may be able to spot it in the second photo if you look closely at the bottle. I swatched this shade when it first came out back in April last year but haven’t really reached for it since Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream np Blueberry Ice cream is a beautiful baby blue shade, if you missed out on OPI’s Whats With the Cattitude this polish is a good alternative albeit a shade or two darker it will definitely cure your baby blue craving. Barry M Turquoise This is the only polish in my collection I would consider to be a true turquoise. It is perfection in a nail polish and if I had to pick only one Nail Paint, it would be this one! Barry M Cyan np A gorgeous bright blue, not unique but still nice. I was however given No 7 Poolside Blue which I have never worn, but comparing bottles would be a dead on dupe.

Essie VS. O.P.I.

Top tips for your tootsies Image: But regular pedicures can be costly, so here we show you how to rid yourself of those embarrassing cracked heels, dry skin and chipped toenails. All you have to do is follow our simple six-step guide to fabulous-looking feet.

Essie Mesmerize is available for a limited time with the rest of the spring collection. You can find Essie in chain salons like ULTA, Trade Secret and Regis or online at

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My Top Challenge

So, I’m going to post her request along with some other RBL polishes and their dupes or close alternatives. Hopefully this will help you guys out when it comes time to pick your polishes for the sale. I admit I went a little nuts with the comparisons but I thought that ruling out possible dupes was just as important as posting actual dupes. I’ll start with Tamika’s request. This polish is a dead on, exact duplicate to Essie’s Sew Psyched.

Here is the bottle comparison.

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From interiors to fashion to food , the color has been the focal point of design and, as a result, many a millennial Instagram. This spring, expect to embrace the shade as your new shadow of choice, especially for days when you want to spice it up. Instead of turning to your go-to smoky eye for a night on the town, pile on a romantic pink. Pulling off pink shadow is all about keeping the rest of your look simple. The color should be gradual, light, smooth and even. Here are the best products to get the job done: Creamy Color For those who seek a super shiny lid, go for pink shadows with glossy, balmy or creamy textures: This one by Eyeko is the perfect rose gold color.

Blend it with a brown or grey liner with a metallic finish for added drama. Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerize — Charlotte is known for her celebrity makeup work, need I say more? This palate by Sisley Paris gives you the perfect set of 4 colors that effortlessly blend with one another. The NARS base holds it all together without feeling heavy or cakey.

Check the date of manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics

The only place I know where Zoya is available in Germany is Amazon. In the UK you can find Zoya at the following sites: I was super surprised by how easy this was to remove considering the fact that it is such a dark heavily pigmented color. I do always use a base coat but sometimes still end up with a bit of staining with dark colors and reds but that was definitely not the case with Cynthia. I only own two of their cream polishes to be honest but both of them seem super thick.

So the formula of this one was a little tricky to work with, especially in comparison to other Zoya polishes I have that have different finishes.

With over 17 years of experience, KleanColor has taken Klean pride in providing the Kleanest quality products at wallet friendly prices.

Liebster Blog Award Hi girls! Write a post about your nomination. Write 11 random things about yourself. Answer the questions you are asked. Nominate some other bloggers for the award. Ask the bloggers you nominated 11 new questions. Tell the bloggers you nominated. I love nail polish way too much! My favorite color is blue. I study psychology at Aarhus University. I have a redhaired boyfriend. My favorite fruit is strawberries. When I get older I want a french bulldog named James like a sir.


This time I have a couple of polishes from Digital Nails to show you: This is a new-to-me brand and I was excited to try them. First a little about the creator: Her polishes are 3-free and cruelty-free. Here’s what the creator had to say about this one:

 · OPI Dating a Royal needs at least two coats and looks best at three, while Essie Mesmerize is nearly perfect in one coat.” also für mich einwandfrei der essie mesmerize. ein fast one-coater im vergleich zu einem 3-coater ist definitiv besser also lapis of luxury, first mate und ://

For me this month is absolutely crazy, full of work so I’ve had very little time to spend on my blog. However, I have a few make-up ideas that I want to share here. For this post, I have used classical christmasy colors, I’ve created a golden smoky eye. I’m planning on doing a purple smoky eye as well, or if you have any requests that you would like to see, please let me know in the comments. Here is the look I’ve created for today: This one was limited edition, it came out with the Indulge collection this autumn.

This product, when used as a gel liner is an absolute nightmare, I’ve tried to work with it a couple times and it was extremely chunky and had horrible fall-out. It still had issues with fall-out when used as a base, but if you do your eyes first, you can remove it and you will be left with a nice, glittery base. If you don’t have this particular one, you could use any golden cream shadow as your base. I skipped my winged liner for this look, I wanted to let my falsies do their job I still did eyeliner of course, I just didn’t wing it out this time.

I’ve used my Dolly Wink lashes, which are only available in the Asian market but they are absolutely amazing. Here is another picture of my make-up:

Digital Nails

As I write this post, my family and I are getting ready to head to Jersey City for the final round of the Barclays – and I thought the best way to celebrate was with, what else, a manicure! This one took quite a bit of time – the thumb nails themselves were decals I had made earlier in the day using ziploc bags to trace the Barclays eagle on. I then applied it over 2 layers of Alpine Snow with another layer of Essie’s Marshmallow, and sealed with top coat. For my index fingers, I used In the Cab-ana once again to achieve a sky look, using Alpine Snow and Marshmallow to dot clouds on the tips.

I then proceeded to use Pretty Edgy for my ring fingers, as the color for the fairway, with “First Timer” for the green and “Sand Tropez” for the sand traps.

This is #spellbound from the essie Enchanted collection. Just one of over 50 shades in the gel couture line. The gel couture colors give Stacy’s nails gel-like shine without the need for a UV lamp or base coat.

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Enchanting Cosmetics: My Stash!!

I also included two other blues that were worth comparing. The difference between all four polishes was hard to see in the bottles, but once applied one the nail their true colors became more noticeable. The blues I used from left to right: First Mate’s formula is a bit thicker than the others but still manageable.

The Only Makeup Look You Need to Know for Spring Posted on April 6, by Annie Atkinson Just in case you haven’t noticed already, pink has been ://

This may be too dark for my skin tone. Essie in Penny Talk A pretty rose gold. I’ve been wanting a rose gold polish for a while, but haven’t seen this in stores. Sally Hansen Salon Manicure in Silver Lining I can’t remember if someone mentioned this shade in real life or on a blog, but I’ve been wanting to try it. Saw this on Pinterest follow me!

Zoya Pixie Dust in Godiva When it’s applied without a top coat, this reminds me of beach sand because of its color and texture. My current silver and gold polishes are beginning to get gloppy. You know that thing that happens to them when they get too old? I want new ones, but I’d like to try out a couple new shades I feel there are so many metallic shades available that I can’t possibly keep up. Which metallics do you think are a must? Not sure how this would look with my fair skin, but it’s a great summer shade.

This has a slight hint of orange. Essie in Head Mistress Pretty red, possibly more for the fall and winter, but I think it’s a beautiful shade.

Opi dating a royal vs essie mesmerize

Orogold 24K Deep Peeling. I was sent a beautifully packaged 24K Deep Peeling gel from Orogold Cosmetics for review… it really is a rather splendid thing. The heavyweight packaging, embossed font, and satin-lined box all scream luxury… living up to its placement and price tag. But what about the product inside? What are its claims and does it live up to them?

mezmerised Deep Royal Blue Nail Polish, Nail Color, and Nail Lacquer by Essie. Essie nailpolish in “Mesmerize.” Essie is my favvv! Essie Blue Coral. See more real dating asian woman dating asian women asian women for marriage how to find a wife online dating and chat asian mail order dating chinese women famous dating sites thai wife.

Final nail polish sale part 1 Hi guys, So I haven’t been on here in ages. I didn’t feel like doing my nails and if I did, I didn’t feel like taking pictures of what I had on. In other words, it seems like I’m not into nailpolish that much anymore, even though I still love all the sparklies and buy a new bottle every once in a while. I’ve decided to get rid of most of my polishes, keeping a few favorites but ditching the rest.

Since I have over bottles of polish, I’m not putting it in one post – but spreading this over the next couple of weeks. This post covers the biggest part of what I plan to offer for sale. I don’t have the time to document them all and certainly not to take pictures of all of them, even though I know you like to see what I have for sale. The prices listed are set.

Wendy’s World: Makeup Dupes

AA is a clothing, apparel store but they recently came out with polishes, which is cool. I was skeptical of a clothing brand making nail polishes, but they are really high quality. They have a nice variety of colours and they apply really nicely. There was some controversy recently regarding these nail polishes, there was a voluntary recall when their bottles were breaking on people due to poor packaging.

Colors used: OPI Nein!, OPI Cement The Deal, China Glaze Elephant Walk edit: Forgot to mention I also used Essie’s Matte About You. Find this Pin and more on Nails hair makeup etc. 2 by wasabisarai.

With so many companies creating new colors per season, it can cause a major dent in our wallets. But out of all these companies, which has the best product? When it comes to quality versus quantity, O. Known for its pricey little bottles, the company also creates some of the most beautiful colors for nail kind. Pretty pastels and solid color pallets for eight dollars a bottle is almost enough to make some collegiettes turn a blind eye to the brand.

However, the quality of the polish is better, compared to some. When applied, collegiettes only need to use small, thin amounts in order to cover the entire nail. This ensures a smooth and clump-free finish. The Holy Grail of nail polish BUT — it comes in a drastically bigger bottle compared to Essie. When applied, the polish comes out in a thick layer, but the color is so vibrant, you only need one layer to cover the nail completely.

This brand is definitely the most expensive, but it is so worth it to have at least one or two bottles for special events. The colors range as much as Essie but again, it comes at the highest price.

Favorite Nail Polishes!

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