The history of Ireland could be described with some justification as a sad catalogue of invasion upon invasion, of petty tribal infighting between each successive group, providing the opportunity for the next invaders who were usually better armed and more experienced in warfare, to gain a foothold. This lack of cohesiveness and tendency towards personal material enhancement appears to have been the ultimate downfall of almost all of Irelands invaders, as they fought among themselves, and with previously arrived groups to control the land. In many of these conflicts the main protagonists were related by blood or marriage, to give three prime examples, the battle of Clontarf, the invasions of Edward and Robert the Bruce and the battle of the Boyne. The Irish nation of today is descended from a rich cultural and genealogical mixture of all these peoples, who came conquered and in the fullness of time integrated, giving rise to the phrase ‘More Irish than the Irish themselves. Our sources were many and often presented conflicting accounts, as of course is only to be expected. It is difficult for authors to avoid applying his or her own personal political and religious allegiance to the interpretation of events and situations they are describing. Not forgetting also that the original source material from which history is compiled is usually written, sanitized and often embellished by the victor, to the detriment of the vanquished and the truth. The original provinces, sometimes called the five fifths of Ireland, were probably Ulster, Leinster, Munster, Connaught, and Mide. But the number of provinces and their boundaries were in a state of constant flux.

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There were workhouses in total. If people could not support themselves, they could come into the workhouse. Here they would do some work in return for food. People had to stay and live in the workhouse and so the system was known as indoor relief. The whole family had to enter together. This was a way for the landlords to clear the land of tenants who could not pay rent.

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Irish Jokes Here is wide selection of Irish jokes, from the dry to the dumb. One of the great Irish traits is their ability to make fun of themselves and they have perfected the trait. Many thanks to all of you have sent us these jokes and all the others we can’t print. An English man and an Irish man are driving head on at night, on a twisty, dark road. Both are driving too fast for the conditions and collide on a sharp bend in the road. To the amazement of both, they are unscathed, though their cars are both destroyed.

In celebration of their luck, both agree to put aside their dislike for the other from that moment on. At this point, the Irish man goes to the boot and fetches a 12 year old bottle of Jameson whiskey. He hands the bottle to the English man, who toasts, “May the English and the Irish live together forever, in peace, and harmony. Still flabbergasted over the whole thing, he goes to hand the bottle to the Irish man, who replies:

Early farmers from across Europe directly descended from Neolithic Aegeans

Irish pubs have existed for roughly a millennium, with the title “oldest pub in Ireland” held by Sean’s Bar in Athlone, County Westmeath which was established in the 10th century. It was not until that the government required pubs to be licensed. It is the oldest law related to pubs in Ireland that is still in effect. During the 18th century it also became illegal to be married in a pub.

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They appear to have been developed independently of anything that had come before. One of the fragments uncovered in Croatia, thought to date to years ago They were found at a site called Vela Spila on the Adriatic coast. Archaeologists believe that they were the products of an artistic culture which sprang up in the region about 17, years ago.

Their ceramic art flourished for about 2, years, but then disappeared. The study, which is published in the journal PLoS ONE, adds to a rapidly-changing set of views about when humans first developed the ability to make ceramics and pottery. Most histories of the technology begin with the more settled cultures of the Neolithic era, which began about 10, years ago.

Bits of the oldest known pottery, some 2, years older than previously found pieces, have been uncovered in China The fragments were believed to belong to a community of roving hunter-gatherers some 20, years ago and apparent scorch marks indicate they may have been used in cooking Now it is becoming clear that the story was much more complex.

Over thousands of years, ceramics were invented, lost, reinvented and lost again. The earliest producers did not make crockery, but seem to have had more artistic inclinations. The Vela Spila finds have been the subject of intensive investigation by researchers at the University of Cambridge and colleagues in Croatia since Their report, published this week, suggests that although earlier ceramic remnants have been found elsewhere, they had no connection with the site, where the ability to make these artefacts appears to have been independently rediscovered by the people who lived there.

Excavations have taken place there sporadically since , and there is evidence of occupation on the site during the Upper Palaeolithic period, roughly 20, years ago, through to the Bronze Age about 3, years ago. The first ceramic finds were made back in Initially they were almost overlooked, because it is so unusual to find ceramic in the Upper Palaeolithic record.

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What follows is an official report on the Magner case by a Major S. Carter; I have made no changes in this or other documents except to regularize the punctuation and to add explanations in square brackets. Carter uses the spelling “Magnor” but all other documents both in Ireland and Australia consistently use “Magner. Glover of Johnstown on the 5th Instant.

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Posted by Jim on November 10, No extradition of political prisoners ———————————————————————— The question of extradition has come back into public focus following the arrest on Monday and detention of Donegal republican John Downey over IRA charges detain from After three nights behind bars, Mr Downey was granted bail on Thursday. This week Dublin City Council became the third council to pass motions against the extradition of Irish Republicans to the North.

The following is a piece by councillor Ciaran Perry explaining the campaign which saw his motion passed this week. Political interference in the system, discrimination against Republican prisoners, punishment by denying political prisoners educational opportunities all apply… but this motion is specifically about opposing extradition to a dangerous prison in an unfair jurisdiction. The report by the Inspectorate of Prisons in England and Wales was absolutely damning and there is no evidence that any of the concerns raised have been addressed satisfactorily since.

Since there have been 50 deaths in custody in Maghaberry. This again highlights the fact that this prison is not a safe environment for anybody. The Prison Ombudsman has raised concerns that their recommendations on tackling prison deaths have still not been implemented.

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For details of Irish abstract painters and sculptors, see: So the visual arts in Ireland occupied a narrow niche in society, although in fairness it was a niche quite similar to that occupied by painting and sculpture in England, where the fashion for having paintings rather than tapestries was slow to take root and where the 15th century Reformation had virtually erased the tradition of visual arts dating from the middle ages.

In England, as in many countries of the Northern Renaissance like Flanders and Holland , portrait art had replaced religious painting as the premier genre, and landscape had yet to achieve its full flowering. Likewise in Ireland, where the topographical view of the manor house and gardens – the standard type of commission for Irish landscape artists – was gradually displaced by portraits of the Squire and his family painted in the style of Van Dyke or his followers.

History Painting As in England, history painting was scarcer and largely avoided by Irish artists, except for James Barry , one of the greatest Irish artists of the eighteenth century , who spent most of his life in London. Barry developed the art of narrative history painting the highest form of Renaissance art in Italy to a high degree, inspired by his visit to Rome and encouraged by the astonishing success of the fashionable derivative American artist Benjamin West in London, who rocked the traditional supporters of academic art when he painted the ‘Death of Wolfe’ in contemporary rather than classical clothes.

James Barry was also encouraged by the success of another American John Singleton Copley the son of Irish immigrants , whose painting ‘Brooke Watson and The Shark’ also broke new ground in history painting the traditionalists hated it for its lack of gravitas and attracted enormous attention.

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The first of many “monster meetings” of tenant farmers was held in Irishtown near Claremorris on 20 April , with an estimated turnout of 15, to 20, people. The Connaught Telegraph’s report of the meeting in its edition of 26 April began: Since the days of O’Connell a larger public demonstration has not been witnessed than that of Sunday last. About 1 o’clock the monster procession started from Claremorris, headed by several thousand men on foot — the men of each district wearing a laural leaf or green ribbon in hat or coat to distinguish the several contingents.

At 11 o’clock a monster contingent of tenant-farmers on horseback drew up in front of Hughes’s hotel, showing discipline and order that a cavalry regiment might feel proud of. They were led on in sections, each having a marshal who kept his troops well in hand.

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So it got me thinking! What does make a farmer such a desirable catch? After all, half a century ago, country women were fleeing from potential farmer husbands to life in the big city as being married to a farmer was seen as having to work extremely hard, have numerous children, live in a ramshackle house or cottage and probably have to share the house with a mother-in-law — all well documented in poems by Kavanagh and books by Trevor and Keane. Not necessarily seen as wealthy even if he has got good road frontage but a good catch all the same.

So how does one meet an eligible farmer bachelor in Ireland? The Ploughing Championships — 80, people visit the Ploughing Match each day and a huge proportion of them are going to be farmers.

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Background[ edit ] In Ireland had a population of 2. Over a year, daily consumption of potatoes was estimated at 2. Most social welfare, such as it was, was provided locally on the parish or village level. The government was not organized for large-scale relief efforts.

Irish farmerette’ is a man immune to the farm in ireland. Single guy to help you need some advice when it i do farmers searching. No cattle market carve-out in ireland are found all media enquiries, angie bumps into fences, which still a facebook page to ireland.

Shortly afterwards they came up for sale on eBay from a guy in a ghetto a few miles away. The local police waved this clinching information away with a ‘nothing we can do gov’ type of response. Helluva job there guys. Maybe the fuzz are just too busy hunting down serious criminals, like the cough ‘Asian’ child-rapist gangs throughout the country? In Ireland it’s pretty much the same. I’m telling the truth when I say I haven’t seen a cop on the street in over two years in the town population 15, where I live.

In Balbriggan the Irish town which boats the highest proportion of African enrichers black gangs terrorise the locals daily while police cower in their stations as the media fixedly turn their gaze the other way. If someone does get on a local radio talk show he or she is immediately cut off if the race of the gangs is mentioned. So is there anything capable of rousing the guardians of the peace from their torpor?

In a low-cost holiday flight from Spain to England on Irish airline Ryanair an elderly man shouted insults at a woman.

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